Summer Workshops 2022

We were delighted to welcome our students to our 2022 line-up of Summer dance fun! From Jazz, Technique, Expression, Fun & Musicality in the Great Gatsby, to a sass-filled Madonna Medley, our participants had a ton of fun at Ms Emma’s workshops. Ms Emmanuelle held a highly-sought after Flexibility & Movement workshop which focused on coordination, fluidity and freedom of movement. Participants also worked on a choreography which helped develop their artistic sense and sensibility. Well done everyone!

Madonna Medley
The Great Gatsby
Flexibility & Movement

Summer Workshops 2021 for Adults/Teens

What a fun learning experience this summer for our adults as we were exposed to different teachers and different styles.  From fast moving choreography in Rachel’s contemporary workshop, to the Malay inspired creativity in Sharul’s contemporary workshop; Ahilya’s contemporary workshop opened our eyes and bodies to a different way to experience and initiate movement influenced by her training in Gaga’s movement language, and Ruimin’s Oriental contemporary workshop taught us the meaning and intention behind each movement founded in Chinese Dance principles. In Alessandra’s Dance Theatre workshop, participants blended movement and music to tell a story without words.


Elite Intensive Workshop with Ms Emma

An action packed 4 day workshop covering a Jazz, Contemporary and Street choreography, as well as an introduction to Anatomy & Physiology and Dance History

July 2020

“Peter & The Wolf” – An intensive Ballet Workshop for 7 to 11 years old. Participants learnt the end-to-end process of being in a ballet – from dance technique, to interpretation of a role, costumes and make-up.


July 2020

3 Day Intensive Ballet workshop for adults. We also welcomed guest teachers Ahilya Kaul and Khai Kalid who imparted their perspectives of contemporary and Balinese dance respectively.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body”
Martha Graham