Dance and Fitness Classes for Adults

Adult Classes

Adult Ballet

Ballet for adults is a great way to exercise, to tone your body and to improve your posture, done through elegant classical ballet exercises. You will enjoy the beauty of the movements in our French-style ballet classes. Whether you used to learn ballet and still have a love for it deep in your heart, or you are a completely new to dance and looking for a different challenge, it is never to late to re-start or to start! Our classes include adults of all ages and all levels of experience.

Adult Contemporary

Contemporary Dance is an expressive style of dance, influenced by many elements, such as Modern, Lyrical, Jazz and Ballet. It is a combination of technique, fluidity and feeling, which creates powerful and moving choreography. Contemporary also involves a lot of floorwork, coordination and jumping exercises.
Intermediate Level

Adult Jazz Basics

A dance class catered for beginner adult dancers with a year or less of dance experience who want to gain confidence and coordination. We focus on technical basics like walks, kicks, turns and leaps before applying it to choreography.


K-Pop Dance is a beginner-friendly form of hip-hop dance that is choreographed to K-Pop music. Learn the latest and hottest dance moves that have taken the world by storm. Whether you are a K-Pop culture fan looking to learn the perfectly synchronized dance routines of your idol group, or just looking to learn some fun groovy moves, this is the class for you!

Adult Street Jazz

This class is a mixed ability level and for Adults Only! It starts with an upbeat cardio warm-up, moving on to stretching and toning, followed by some corner-work and coordination, ending with a fun and funky routine! Be prepared to get fit and have fun!

Adult Musical Theatre Jazz (Dance)

For those who want to dance to music from Musical Theatre hits (Hamilton, West Side Story, Fame, Hairspray) and bring out their inner diva!

Adult Tap

Tap class is a musical and energetic class, dancers wear shoes fitted with metal taps to create rhythmic or percussive sounds. So besides dancing along to music, students are also creating music with their feet. Tap helps improve coordination and rhythm sense and teaches improvisation and syncopation. It is also a great work out!

Bollywood Dance Fitness

If you are looking for a slightly different way to get fit and have fun, Bollywood Fitness is worth a try! Add some spice and shake up your exercise routine. This fat-burning cardio class is designed for participants of all ages and fitness levels. You will not be bored with the latest Bollywood moves and music!

Flexibility & Movement

You don’t need to be a dancer to join this class! Come and join us during your lunch break! Escape from the office and allow your body to move through the space; developing self-confidence through movement, as well as improve your flexibility.

Floor Barre

This class is inspired by Classical Ballet warm-up exercises but are on the floor, instead of at the Barre. Movements are synchronised to music and we spend half of the class on the floor and the second half in the centre, working on fluidity of movement, stability and coordination.

Pilates Stretch & Tone

Pilates is an exercise method founded by Joseph Pilates. This low-impact full-body workout will help you improve your posture, flexibility, core strength and muscle tone. This mat class is suitable for all ages. There is no pre-requirement to join this class, modifications will be done by instructor based on individual need.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice that targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. Postures are held for longer periods of time and the objective is to help us regulate our body’s flow of energy. It is a great supplement to any yang practice. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, rhythmic class with smooth transitions between postures. Vinyasa Yoga is focused on connecting movement with breath, while strengthening and lengthening the body in all dimensions.

Non- Timetable Sessions

En Tete A Tete (Private Lessons)

These classes are not on the timetable and are requested by the student/individual by separate arrangement. Private Lessons, Coaching and Exam Preparation.

(Please note that TDP does not offer exams)


Ballet Masterclasses will be held on Sundays (3 hours) and there will be one masterclass per term. Each masterclass will start with Barre exercises and be followed by a short centre, in connection with the theme. However, the main focus of the class will be on different artistic-themed work and Classical Repertoire. A good classical level is required.
Age 12+ (depending on level)