Ballet classes are divided into levels depending on age and ability. The levels are created according to the structure of the Paris Opera Ballet School. Our Ballet instructor will assess each student to find a level that is appropriate for the student’s age and ability. We also offer dedicated Pointe classes for those who are ready to go en pointe. Age 3-Adults


Jazz Dance is a fast paced and energetic form of dance, which develops skills in strength, flexibility, technique and rhythm. It involves upbeat music and is offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Age 4-Adults.


Contemporary Dance is an expressive style of dance, influenced by many elements, such as Modern, Lyrical, Jazz and Ballet. It is a combination of technique, fluidity and feeling, which creates powerful and moving choreography. Contemporary also involves a lot of floorwork, coordination and jumping exercises. Age 10-Adults


Lyrical is flowing and emotive style of dance based on Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance techniques. This style frequently uses music with lyrics to help to extend the style and emotion of the dancer and focuses on developing technique, strength, flexibility and musicality. Ages 5-Adult

Street Dance

Street is a combination of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and Technique. This style is popular with children, teens and adults, as it covers many styles to upbeat funky music, creating feel good moves. This style is light-hearted, fun and a great workout. Age 6-Adults


Tap is a musical and energetic class, dancers wear shoes fitted with metal taps to create rhythmic or percussive sounds. So besides dancing along to music, students are also creating music with their feet. Tap helps develop a sense of rhythm and teaches improvisation and syncopation. Age 6-Adults
Little Stompers is a pre-tap dance class where students will first learn rhythmic and listening skills using their hands and feet. No tap shoes required. Age 4-5

Elite Performance Group

TDP Elite Performance classes are strictly by invitation only and focus on fine-tuning technique, tricks and develop performance skills, confidence and experience. Students in these classes are expected to attend a certain number of classes per week and also hold a level of commitment to the classes and performances. Great progression and results gained with hard work. Age 8+


K-Pop Dance is a beginner-friendly form of hip-hop dance that is choreographed to K-Pop music. After a warm-up, students will learn the latest K-Pop dance routines that have taken the world by storm. We also focus on learning technique and showmanship.

Adult Classes

We offer a wide selection of adult dance and movement classes for those with experience and also for complete beginners. For those looking for dance classes, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, K-Pop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre Jazz and Tap are offered at different levels. Try Jazzy Heels for a fun sassy work-out! You can also consider lower-impact classes to improve your flexibility and core strength, such as Flexibility & Movement and Barre Stretch & Tone. Our classes are beginner-friendly and cater to different levels.

About Us

The Dance Place at Forum, Orchard Road is a dance school in Singapore. We offer dance classes for kids and adults in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz Dance, Lyrical, K-Pop, Musical Theatre Jazz, Performance Skills, Song & Dance, Street Dance and Tap. We also offer adult dance fitness and exercise classes such as Barre Stretch & Tone, Flexibility & Movement and Jazzy Heels.

The Dance Place was founded in 2019 by Emma Hayes-Hudson, Emmanuelle Grizot and Sun Yining. TDP aims to make dance accessible to everyone. At TDP, we understand the importance of involving different training methods, adapting to each student’s level and development needs; allowing them to become the best dancer they can be in a hard-working and positive environment.

Our goal is to create a lifestyle and a home for our students, parents and all other collaborators. We believe that performing helps our dancers to improve and build their confidence as well as their overall creative skills. All our students have an opportunity to participate in our Annual Dance Recital. In addition, TDP offers our Elite Performance Group Students many opportunities to perform at public events and shows throughout the year.

TDP spacious studios are also available for hire! We look forward to collaborating with professionals and teachers in our space and building a strong creative community.  

We are delighted to announce the opening of our third new dance studio at Forum in 2021.