Denise Lwin

Denise Lwin

Dance Instructor


Denise fell in love with teaching dance more than a decade ago and has never
looked back since. She has extensive experience working with children and adults
and teaches a wide range of dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Show choir, Swing,
Zumba and Barre. She is also a freelance dancer and a fitness trainer.

With a formal background in Ballet, Denise achieved straight distinctions with the
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) for the Grades 3-8 examinations. She has also
completed her Major Levels Intermediate and Advanced Certifications (RAD
Vocational Graded – Advanced 1) and achieved her RAD Certificate in Ballet
Teaching Studies (RAD CBTS) in 2010. She has since ventured into other dance
genres such as Modern Jazz, attaining graded certifications with ATOD and CSTD.

Denise’s teaching style incorporates a lot of imagery with an emphasis on guided
discovery. She aims to impart passion and compassion to her students using dance
as a force to unite people. We are delighted to have her on the TDP team!